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Stats doesn't reset to Default over the course of 60 days

I heard that Fiverr stats reset to default 100% after 60 days, but 60 days are over now but stats don’t reset. I lost my badge due to incomplete stats.

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That’s because they don’t fully reset after 60 days. It takes all orders in a 60 day period into consideration.

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My previous 60 days orders are almost all on time but my “delivered on time” rate is still 88%.

If you can show CS all the orders were out of the 60 day window, they might fix things/your badge if you show there’s been an error. Or you could contact them if you think there’s been an error so they can check (or they could show how things are calculated).

It might take the completion date of the order into account rather than the order creation date for some things (eg. so you might have to check the completion date of the order is > 60 days ago).

I think they update some things once per day - it’s possible it might not have got updated on one day (if things didn’t run correctly).

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