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Stats Not Showing On Website & Mobile App

Does anyone else see this bug or have any idea what’s going on?


Thank God it’s not just me. I was freaking out.

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Also the entire analytics page is down/gone.

Same. I figured I was getting demoted in such a creative way or something.

Given the current developments, I don’t like them playing around with my analytics very much. :confused:

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Same here.

It must be one of those glitches/bugs that happen every once in a while. I have stopped giving a dang about these bugs as they happen quite frequently. Ain’t nothing unexpected about them. They usually get sorted out in a couple of hours, though.

I’d wait for a couple of hours to see if things get back to normal before I decide to contact CS.

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Yay, it’s everyone. That’s a load off my mind. It’ll probably get resolved soonish.

Same here, I’m not bothered at all. Obviously just a glitch. I noticed it only because everyone else is talking about this :wink:

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Same here. I believe some server side updates/fixes are ongoing. I have been noticing issues with analytics and earnings since the past few hours.

Haha, you guys keep waiting. I never trust that random people on the internet have my best interest in mind. I email everybody. I’m reaching out to their mother, that person they met once in junior high that smelled a little funny, and that dog that has more Instagram followers than anyone you know.