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Stats on Gigs are going down, not sure what to do

Hello everyone and welcome! Since I joined Fiverr (2-3 months ago) I had 3 active gigs, now I have 2 because I didn’t like 1 so it’s deleted. Until maybe 2 weeks ago stats on all of my gigs were going up and up, had only 1 buyer and that’s it.

Now those stats just started to going down and I have been sharing them and everything but I’m really not sure what else can I do or how can I improve.

This is my 1st active gig and this is the 2nd!


Try to change titles and images. The Gigs are good. Keep you up and you will have your gigs up.


I’ll see what can I do with the titles and images, thank you! :grinning:

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You are welcome. Use images like this in my gig.
Helping is a blessing :slight_smile:

Make sure you research how to engage people via social. Don’t just post your gig repeatedly because that annoys people and it won’t help you.

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I see you have interesting ones @antani91. Agreed. Thanks again!

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Feel free to get in touch if you need :wink:
Bye bye and good luck.

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Yeah, that was a “little” mistake that I’ve made… I am and I will try to see what more can I do for social engagement, thank you for your reply @humanissocial!


You’re welcome! There are many great online articles about social media lead generation, targeting s niche on social, etc.


No problem @antani91 :smiley:
Bye bye, thank you and have a nice day.

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Where can we find that articles? Thank you, sister.

I should definitely check them then! :slightly_smiling_face:

Google the keywords I mentioned.

I also recommend the Content Marketing Institute and Social Media Examiner.

I actually have a gig extra where I link to articles about the issues clients need to work on. I’d be happy to chat if you would like that. Just search “humanissocial” on Fiverr.

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Thanks, sister. I will :slight_smile:

Hi, do you use ads in Facebook and instagram ?

Don’t buy ads for your gigs. You need a lot of skill to make that work.


Which way are you using ?

Look up organic marketing.

Use explainer video(whiteboard OR animated) because fiverr gig rank 300% due to high quality video…As my gig is showing on first page always
See video i made for my gig and let me know if you need for FREE…heart_eyes

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with video explainer you are receiving 300% more? good! how many order are you taking ?