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Stats ruined by joke orders

My stats are being ruined by joke orders, one of my gigs has a very high cancellation rate because I got sent joke orders. My completion rate is also ruined, is there any way I can remove these from my account as they may reduce customers.


What kind of joke order?


As in something that I clearly state I am not able to do on the page.

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and something that gives no description and is frankly rude

Contact to support team. Before I had got such a mistaken and cancelled order. The supporter will review your order once you provide order number.

What would I say to them?

Tell them about the fake orders you got.

I have had luck with contacting CS and requesting that they adjust my cancellation rate because a buyer ordered a service I do not offer and then canceled, or because a student asked me to proofread their homework, which is against Fiverr’s TOS.

CS has adjusted my cancellation every time. But be warned, it seems by their copy and past reply they will not as it says something to the effect that they can guarantee the rate will be changed, but it has always worked for me.

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2 Days ago I had a buyer who ordered $5 gig and in order requirements sent porno image. And right after 4 minutes he asked for cancelation and sent cancelation request.

When I declined it and answered that I will contact CS and ask them to cancel an order he began to use abusive words and threating me. I opened a ticket and no reaction from CS. Soon this order will be canceled and I will lose my stats because of buyer’s jokes.



In that case, your stats shouldn’t be affected. Contacting CS with screenshots of what happened, ask for a cancelation without impacting stats.

I’ve already did this. I opened 1 ticket then after one day I opened another ticket (which was closed by CS without any response). I sent all screenshots to CS but I didn’t get any reply.
Bad things is that gig deadline is just 24 hours and after that time order will be marked as “late” which is not good for gig stats. Also buyer can cancel late order on their side.
My previous request CS has been answered within 9 days (when gig’s deadline is only 24 hours)

The order showing late is irrelevant if it is canceled.

It is not canceled yet. Buyer sent cancelation request 2 days ago. Today I declined it and send new one. I tried to win more time but I think it won’t help me.

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Again, it doesn’t matter if the order shows as late if it is eventually canceled. Doesn’t matter if it’s canceled now or a year from now. As long as it’s not complete, being late will never count.

Why did you decline the cancelation the buyer requested if you want to cancel?

Have you specifically mentioned that you were sent adult content in your CS ticket? They cancel and ban those who send it out pretty quickly in my experience. It’s a ToS violation of epic proportions. You should put into the subject line if you haven’t.

Because “buyer’s” cancelation reason

I sent this one

And there is no any response (31 minutes ago was also mine message)
I also pushed “Report” button on buyer’s messages and sent screenshot of Fiverr’s TOS to CS

Well, the good news is this creep is getting banned instantly if you ever get to CS. Good luck with this, it’s so annoying.


If it gets to “very late” the buyer can cancel it without the seller having to accept and it can give the automatic 1 star rating when the buyer cancels it.

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Even if the seller keeps requesting cancelation? That’s an interesting tactic on the buyers part if they want to hurt a seller. Keep refusing cancelation until the order shows as very late, and then cancel yourself automatically. That way you can cancel, get the money, and leave a review.