Status Check! :)


Hello my Fiverr buddies!
Just popped in to check how everyone’s doing. I’m doing just fine! Much better, to be exact! :slight_smile: Have a lovely day!


Doing great! :grinning:


Good to know that Joe!
I’ve had a great start here at Fiverr. Also, it’s much better here in India now that the monsoons have finally arrived after a scorching summer episode! :smiley:


I´m doing well. I had a walk with the dogs and found this beautiful snake. :slight_smile:

Must be some kid forgot his/her plush snake. :grin: (just for the record, I didn´t bring the snake home).


That’s really awesome @fitrigwrites4u :slight_smile:
So you can now start your own version of “Find the snake” thread now :smiley:


Going normally as regular :slight_smile:


Red on black…friend of Jack…
Red on yellow…kill a fellow…


@velocigraphtor LOL. I don´t have a challenging snake photo to share. But if some time I find something challenging to share, I will post it. :slight_smile:


@methark The poem rhymes :slight_smile:


@fitrigwrites4u @velocigraphtor

Here is another game for you.

EDIT: It’s harder then spot the snake.


I will find it later. BRB. But if @velocigraphtor can find it first, that´d be great! :slight_smile:


LOL I was never good at finding stuff :smiley:
But I hope this is it? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s written on the table LOL.

Actually, I never saw the phone. I stumbled upon this photo and I thought to share it with you guys.


Speaking of snakes!! Haha I love this picture from back home. Can you find the Copperhead snake here? This snake is from my hometown where I live in the United States. It is not deadly per say, but it has a vicious bite. It’s nicer than the spiders we have at least. Haha


@madyr9228 LOL.
I guess @fitrigwrites4u would love to answer that for you! :smiley:


9GAG is an interesting place where you get to find such weird stuff @gig_freak :smiley:


It’s an essay to findout if a snake is a Coral or not… :slight_smile:


Better now the heatwave is on its way out we were in the 100s here in the UK for a few days and we are not set up to deal with that.


Check this link out

48 degrees in Celsius is almost around 120 degrees in Farenheit! :cry:

I 'm thinking of fleeing the country as soon as possible :stuck_out_tongue:


There isn’t any phone there.