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Status order complete but it isn´t and designer can´t be contacted anymore

I placed an order for a logo and Fragglesrock designes one. After my last comment on something to change she replied I´ll fix logo but since then I did´t get any more notice and the status is set order complete now and due to “privacy reasons” I can´t contact her anymore. Also I did´t get any files !

What can I do, there obviously isn´t any customer support on this side …


You can’t call users out on the forums. It does sound as if she was a problem and CS restricted her/banned her. If you haven’t logged a support ticket, do so at the link you posted and try to be patient. CS will respond.

Hi Stefan,

If you can’t contact somebody on Fiverr, it’s either banned, deactivated or in vacation mode. Yet you should ‘Request a Modification’ to prevent a order to go into Complete. If 3 days pass and you didn’t ask for a modification, I doubt CS will review this case.

A small correction: you can contact users who are in vacation mode. You can’t place orders, but the messages go through.