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Status shows offline

Hello Mates problem is i am online from app 24/7 hours but its always shows offline any idea?
What i do can you please help me.


there is an option in menu “online status” u have to turn it on. maybe for this your profile always shows offline


Sign into your account, click on your profile image (top right) then settings >> click Go online>> don’t forget to save changes.

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But am already Online!

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It’s a bug! :beetle:

It happens to me from time to time, too.

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solution?idea please share

It doesn’t have a solution I’m afraid because it’s a bug.


Go online from your phone app then it will show you online

thats a problem its seems spam.its shows offline :slight_smile:

I can confirm there is a bug right now, for several days for me. I was about to report it to CS.
I show up as online on my end, but not in search, ever. In fact often when I search specifically for online sellers in my category only one person shows as online. That isn’t right. Seems like the same old server-sync issues Fiverr’s always had.


Yes… there is a bug as it is not showing the online status as 100% accurate.

If you want to show your status as online i have already given a solution on the above message.

most probably you phone background apps processing maybe off. or maybe fiverr apps bugs

i was offline for 24 hours approx and the buyer says he saw written that i was online an hour ago … is this possible ?