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Stay alert for bad buyer (this is a very rare case but still possible to happened)

Hi all,

Here I want to share my ‘unlucky’ experience being a Fiverr seller. After more than 2 years in Fiverr, I only experiencing this case ONCE. But I will share it to you so we can stay alert and make Fiverr a better place.

This happened few days ago when somebody bought my gig of $5, and he gave no required information to start the gig. Instead he wrote on gig message “I have no requirement, I gift you this $5 for FREE”.

I asked back to him, why he gave me a gift here, Fiverr is not place to send gift. But he never reply my message until gig dateline ended, expired. I kept the gig opened until few days to wait for him to reply. But still no answer.

Then I mark the gig as delivered with message “Thank you anyway, let me know if you want any refund”.

Few minutes after delivered, buyer got back and mark the gig as COMPLETED, he even gave a POSITIVE RATINGS on the gig.

Then what’s surprised me… A few hours later the gig is cancelled. I don’t know who cancelled the gig, is it Fiverr or the buyer. Because I think it doesn’t make any sense if buyer cancel the gig after mark it as COMPLETED and leave a POSITIVE RATINGS, doesn’t it?

If buyer not satisfied with my delivery, he could just make a “Request Change”, and then the gig could be mutually cancelled.

I have discussed this problem with Customer Support, but they blame me for ‘false delivery’ and said the user cancel the gig because unsatisfied with my delivery.

Do you think it make sense?

My suspection is that this buyer is a malicious person using fake identity and stolen paypal account. Then he tried it to buy a gig. But eventually paypal forced refund the money. That way the status of this gig become canceled.

Proof of suspection is that now this buyer username no longer exist as fiverr member.

OK, that’s a wrap, sorry for writing too long story. I hope this could make you all more aware of a potentially bad buyer. I don’t blame anyone here, nor the Fiverr team. I only want to make Fiverr a better place for all of us by sharing this story.

Thanks for reading,


What I’m going to conclude from my story is that as a seller, now we’re actually not safe. Because someone could buy our (let’s say high priced gig) of software with source code.

Then after we deliver it, buyer mark it as completed, then buyer cancel it and get his money back, and Fiverr team unable to defend the money from being refunded.

Funny isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Here Fiverr looks like has no power to protect seller. (I hope not)

In one of another freelancing site, when a Buyer and Seller engaged in a deal and agreed a contract, buyer’s money is locked by the Site, no refund except agreed by the Site. So both parties must follow the contract strictly.

I guess, I am middle of same situation.

I have got a buyer whose requirement is not clear (vague). I delivered the gig (it was late, because he deliberately didn’t selected the extra price), and he rejected it right away (first rejection!!!)

And now I have to cancel it, and he still he has not accepted the cancellation. I am also suspecting something fishy to downgrade the GIG rating or something OP has written.

Reply to @juraganet: Exactly my point. Beside Fiverr’s super slow payouts, this is the biggest concern. Any competitor can take on Fiverr with this strategy.

Hello Juraganet

thanks for sharing your story, its really sad,

Problem is its not in our hand only customer support can help us in this situation. hope they will understand and protect fiverr seller…

One problem that Fiverr really cannot prevent is that if a buyer uses a stolen payment method, it simply isn’t possible (or right) for Fiverr or the seller to keep stolen funds. This is one reason I try to get new buyers to start with very small orders. Once a buyer is proven on a small order and I know they are “real” plus we work together well, I will offer discounts on larger orders. That way if something goes wrong with a new buyer, I am rarely out much money or time. In a global marketplace you have to try to add some of your own techniques to stay safe.

Reply to @fonthaunt: thank you for your advise. This experience is my first time, and yes I do similar technique as you :slight_smile:

Hi, @juraganet, kita senasib.

I just had those experience.

one of my buyer suddenly disappear, but I think you were still lucky because you can still delivered something.

I already finished my work and when I try to deliver it, it’s rejected and pop up message appears that said "For privacy reason, this buyer may not be contacted directly"

I submit a request to Customer Support immediately to help me cancel this order.

I still have 2 hours until the deadline. hope they cancel it immediately…

Reply to @Dexter: looks like we have very similar experience.

I also suspicious about that too.

this case appears more since I reach the High Rating page in my sub-categories.