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Stay away from scammers. New scam roaming around

Look what happened to me a few hours ago.

I completed the order for this person, they asked for a refund a day after, but before asking for a refund they begged for their money back. They said they have a small child and can’t afford sustaining him.

Once I refused, I got these messages, calling me greedy because I said I should get paid for the work I did. Guess what, they placed another order and threatened me to place another so I can get penalized.

So there are plenty of bad apples on Fiverr. At least you got lucky, now I will most likely end up with cancellation penalties. The sad thing is not only did I provide a very well researched article, but the “revision” they requested needed some extra words, so I did that too. I said, maybe he will tip me at the end…

I wanted to share my experience so others can identify red flags and stay away from such buyers. In my case, he placed the order directly without communication, so the order was doomed from the start since he obviously wanted to cancel.

Take care!


It’d be nice if Fiverr also banned the IP address of such “wonderful” buyers, but that can be circumvented easily as well. Creating multiple accounts to obsessively and maliciously damage your profile do not seem to be logical actions a supposed poor, downtrodden parent should be committing.


I agree.

Although to be honest, I am pretty sure the parent thing is bull :poop:

If you need the $10 from that order, why would you place a new $5 order just to manipulate the system? It’s sad to see people resort to these scummy things after getting what they were requested.

I am a positive person, always trying to see the glass half full, but even I end up saddened to see this type of people trying to manipulate the system, while disrespecting the seller and his/her work.


They canceled both orders, the problematic one and the other one he just initiated to manipulate the system.

Then they banned him. Hopefully he doesn’t create a new account. I will update here.


Wow, just wow! :flushed: Thanks for the heads up!


Woooow! so sad this happened to you
but I know you will make tons of real orders

thank you for sharing


Thank you for awaring all of us.


This is so toxic. If fiver doesn’t do more to stamp this out I think it will drive quality freelancers to other platforms.

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well what can we say, I feel so helpless in this situation. thats what I’m saying from day 1 there should be some security for sellers too as we give so much time and effort to this platform and TBH I’m still not certine about my future here :frowning:


So Sad ,Fiver must bane his IP address.


Other platforms are much worse, won’t go into details.

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It’s the only reason why I shared this.


I don’t know what and how they banned him. It appears that he is banned on PC, but when I checked the conversation, it says last online 20 minutes ago, even if he was banned last night. So maybe they blocked communication between us. I don’t know.

I know. I am not a new seller, I’ve been here for 7 years, but I still encounter people like this from time to time. This one was the worst I ever had, so I thought it would help people if they see what type of issues can appear. And it does match the “My Fiverr Experience” topic perfectly.


As far as I remember, Fiverr does IP ban people now and even their credit cards/PayPal. I’ve been in a similar situation and I know how it feels.

The anxiety is just unbearable so I really hope Fiverr someday provides a decent alternative to the cancellation system because as it is now is just way too easy to manipulate for people like this.

Take care and if possible keep us updated.


Thank you. I will definitely share whatever happens next. For now, it all seems ok. I hope there’s an IP ban, but that might not help if scammers have a dynamic IP.


As I said, even if that’s the case Fiverr can just block their cards and Paypal if it happens again (which hopefully shouldn’t).


Once in a while we all get buyers like this I had plenty when I was starting off although now I am experienced I know how to pull off like these scammers but when we dealing with these type of buyers we have to care about our language or any repulsive behavior to that buyer because any sort of wrong message can lead us to order cancellation because scammers always take screenshots and send that to the CS and once CS stepped in because of our language or behavior towards buyers is not in positive side we can get a warning or order cancellation sad but true because buyer is the most priority.

We have to be smart when we dealing with these type of buyers if that buyer can’t get into your head means you win if not buyer wins. :no_mouth:


Wow! Nice feedback for scammer

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This is awful. I pray i never come across such buyers. Has support taken any action?


Yes, he was banned and the two orders were canceled. They appear like canceled orders, not sure if they affect my cancellation stats or not. It seems they don’t, for now.

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