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Stay Away from Seller Fragglesrock

This dude simply stole my money, marked the gig as complete and then stopped communicating. It’s been a month of BS and frankly FIVERR should be responsible when they present crooks to legitimate buyers. But that won’t happen, in fact there doesn’t appear to even be a way to contact this company when issues like this arise.

I guess everyone but the buyer got what they wanted in this deal… this site sucks

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If a seller delivers an order empty, you should either hit “request modifications” or should go right to the resolution center and request a cancellation. You can also find a link to customer support at the bottom of every single page.

I’m not sure why people rip others off … I just don’t get it. This guy strung me along with a story about a death in the family for over a month now - what a crook - and this site does nothing to help

Have you A) requested a refund through the resolution center at the top of the order page or B) contacted customer support with this information?