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Stay away from ***********

******* will ignore you for days in a row, and then after he’s wasted a ton of your time come back to the conversation and act like he’s your best friend. He
offers Wordpress work, definitely go elsewhere for these services.

I hate ****** too! Everyone does!!! What a louse!!! Don’t order from **** everybody! He’s a **** ****** *******!

I wonder if you were one of those buyers who ordered then sent a million “have you got my order? Can you start now?” messages then got irritated when his turn in the queue finally came around.

Just the possible other side of the story, there.

lol I would love to hear the other side of the story.

That’s where reviews are useful. This seller should at least give you a good estimate of time for response and time for completion of work.
If they are not good at keeping their buyers informed, then mention that in the review.

Yeah. I feel you guys. I’ve recently dealt with an unresponsive seller, too.

Me too…ROTFL