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Stay clear of buyer "fragglesrock"


I produced a perfectly good piece of work for this client, which they accepted as being a good piece of work.

As Fiverr have rightly removed my initial discussion (with usernames), I will refer to this buyer as MRS QUEEN BEE (WHO MUST BE OBEYED)

However, they then tried to scam me out of paying for it:

Sheriff’s note: as clearly written in forum Do’s & Dont’s, calling out other members is not allowed.
For this reason buyer name has been fragglesrocked and the conversation having names shown on it has been removed. Feel free to to obfuscate names and post it again if you please.



Great job, thanks! But can you take your name and fiverr name off of the bottom of my poster please? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hey there,

Glad you like my work - thank you!

All my gigs now have my URL on (as described in my gig details) - there is an extra gig available if you require it without.




Too bad, I was going to get you to do more posters for me. Your loss not mine.


… I’m confused?

Did you not read my gig before ordering?


It’s okay, I just took it off using Photoshop. It was easy to do. I found someone else to do the rest of the posters. No problem here. Don’t be confused sweetie. Being stubborn and confused in life will cost you a lot of loss in money, as it has this time. Thanks anyway.


Nice attitude.

Have a good life.


Not a sapient attitude on your part, it is why you work for only $5.

Try to have an okay life. :slight_smile:


I have reported this to Fiverr as you are obviously using my work.

I will let them continue communication.




Feelings hurt huh? lol Awwww…report this one too. You really don’t understand that a person can come onto Fiverr with multiple accounts? This is why you are at your level of cogitation. :slight_smile:

Keep thinking small. x


(I decided not to waste any more time on this, so I have sent correspondence to Fiverr in hope they can delete this member and all associated IP addresses - Buyer clearly states they are using multiple Usernames.


I would have thought Fiverr would easily be able to stop multiple accounts with some kind of IP recognition?


Wow, that was a shocker!


Reply to @artworkking: This is just another person who didn’t read and knows it was their fault so they got an attitude. The best part of this though is the person insulting you for working for only $5. If it is only $5, why is it so hard for him/her to pay for the extra! Cheap people.


Your gig is massive anyway. Who needs a clown like that.

What hellobman said was so hilariously true. Mr Bigshot who wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $1000 a day, yet finds it so hard to pay a measly five bucks to get the service as advertised. LOL


Well, why not a blacklist or greylist of buyers who frequently (say more than 3 times) refuse to pay the agreed amount?


The fact is this is a disgruntled buyer (who asked for a design a few months ago that I completed, although it was a million miles away from what I advertise as my Retro Gig), who then ask for a series of amends that weren’t in the original brief, who then demanded I make them, to which I then told them I wasn’t happy with the relationship and I had fulfilled my side of the bargain.

This buyer, and most probably several others, are willing to buy things for $5, but then think that gives them the right to treat the seller like muck. These people are power hungry.

What these kind of buyers often forget is that Fiverr sellers, like myself, often have businesses outside of Fiverr and use Fiverr as a source of extra income - for me, about $2000 a month now.

I feel sorry for them to be honest.


In this case, it’s a shame we don’t have a way to block buyers. I think every seller in here would be placing “Queen Bee” on their blocked list. If the term was that she needs to keep the URL credit on the poster, you do have recourse. If she posts it anywhere online, you could find it in a few days with a image search and file a complaint wherever it’s being hosted. Although, it could result in her retaliating with a different account. It may sound like mumbo jumbo, but I truly do believe in Karma. So often we end up getting back what we give out. I guess it’s better just try to remember buyers like that are a minority and not let them get to you.


Reply to @typingservice:

Thankfully a ‘VAST’ minority. She’ll bump into those she offends so much one day, and I’m sure they (we) will omit her from a round of drinks. People like her have issues - hence me feeling sorry for her. I just want Fiverr to do the right thing and protect us from people like her.


“Queen Bee” is, very simply, a bully. And she likely is as hated in her ‘real world’ life as she is online because tigers can’t change their stripes: she bullies and belittles the people around her when she feels she can get away with it.

Bullies are very flawed people. They rarely have any insight to the reasons they bully but often it’s because they have a great sense of inadequacy. They mistake bullying for power. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Unless she changes, she’ll not only be omitted from that friendly round of drinks, she’ll be cut out of the lives of everyone she knows, and end up very alone and lonely. If she isn’t already.