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Stay far away from a buyer asking you to use DingTalk (钉钉)

We all know it’s generally required by Fiverr TOS that we use Fiverr for all communication with buyers. But let’s face it. Fiverr messaging platform is far from the best. So I’m sure some of us would be tempted to flout the TOS and use easier messaging platforms.

Whatever it may be, run far away from any buyer demanding that you use DingTalk*. These are Chinese employers looking to exploit cheap labor out of freelancers while verbally abusing them into the same submission they get from their local employees. This platform is popular among local-run companies in China and Hong Kong, but unheard of outside these countries. (Even foreign companies in China don’t use it.)

If you search the Internet for English articles about the employee experience, you’ll read lots of horror stories. A lot of it is about overworking employees on unpaid time, docking their pay for being a single minute late and punishing them for not being available to reply immediately to messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – yes! even when you’re sleeping! (Some also point out the abuse in the Chinese education system, where students are demanded to do excessive homework and are remotely monitored by teachers.)

In short, don’t accept any order that requires you to use DingTalk to communicate. Remember: We are freelancers, not employees. Never get subjected to a micromanaging boss in the corporate world. We left that rut for a reason!

* An Alibaba application also known as 钉钉, DingDing, Ding Talk or Ding Ding. The messaging platform is one of a kind that demands you to be constantly available to respond to any and all messages by sending phone-based text reminders and even phone calls notifying that you have unread messages. It also has a feature where the other party can demand a special “read receipt” (besides getting the messages tagged as “read”) if they feel they’re waiting too long to be read.

There’s no way to switch off these “features” and block such read receipts or obtrusive notifications. And if you don’t reply, the other party feels he has every right to get verbally abusive with you for being unreachable or not replying immediately. (Ironically it doesn’t have a typing indicator! :dizzy_face: )


Thanks for the information, but…

… no. I have never attempted (or been tempted) to communicate with a client outside of Fiverr. It is against the TOS, as you well know, and doing so puts your account at risk. The TOS is not a list of suggestions. They’re rules you have to follow if you want to keep selling on Fiverr.


Yes, that’s right. I do my best to abide by it and keep the communication here. There are some buyers who demand taking communication outside to a platform they are comfortable with (even if they keep orders and payments in Fiverr), and if you want their order, you end up having to comply. I think I’ll just have to say no and report these buyers then, losing the potential revenue?

Anyway, I’m just warning sellers that even if you risk it and comply to such demands, just exclude DingTalk from such compliance. It’s an enabler of pure abuse and a violation of basic human rights.

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Yes, you have to say no if you want to keep your account. I usually tell them that communication will have to stay on Fiverr as per the TOS. If they still insist, I report them. I have gotten a few buyers banned this way.

There are many unscrupulous people (both buyers and sellers) on this platform, and we have to protect ourselves. This means following the rules put in place to protect us. Of course, communication outside of Fiverr is not allowed because Fiverr wants to earn more money, but it is also to always have a record of communication so CS can help you out if there are any issues.

I have a feeling that the buyers who want to ignore the TOS and communicate outside the platform are more likely to cause a negative experience or attempt to scam you. It is best to stay within the TOS to protect yourself.


Losing your account is way way worse than losing 1-2 buyers.


The only reason people here are tempted to break the ToS is to receive money from outside of fiverr. However, if you want to work outside of fiverr, you should have a proper payment system and platform to manage the orders.
If you had a website with your services, you actually won’t need to try breaking the ToS, because your SEO would do the work.

People who try to “steal” a client from fiverr, don’t even have a proper workflow to keep payments / workflow safe. So those are people with ZERO strategy who just think they are “smart”.

But hey, breaking news: You will get you account banned, you will loose your potential client as asking someone to pay outside of a platform feels like the biggest and obvious scam ever.
When you work in a company, do you steal their clients too?

P.S. @vibronx I don’t know why I replied to your comment. It almost seems like I am attacking you, even if I’m not :laughing:


Not necessarily. There were buyers who wanted me to talk to them outside of Fiverr, and when I refused, they still placed the order, and became repeat buyers.

And if they still insist that I communicate with them outside of Fiverr, I refuse to work with them and report them. It’s better to lose a few clients who think that the rules don’t apply to them (which means they’re also very likely to turn into nightmare clients) than to lose all the future clients I could get through Fiverr if only I didn’t get banned for breaking the rules I have agreed not to break.


Thank you all for your inputs. I’m learning myself how to keep my account safe — and my sanity intact. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My strategy is simple: customer brought by Fiverr = sale and payment by Fiverr, customer found by myself = sale and payment by my own site (easy nowadays to have a secure payment solution on your own site).

I also set up a “fiverr affiliates” link to go through Fiverr when I find the client but he prefers to go through Fiverr rather than my site.

All will happen on fiverr, because if you try to make bussines out of Fiverr the customer could be a cheater.
Happen in all the app and web site that sell service… :grinning: :raised_hands:t5: :wink:

thank you for your kind information you provided

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