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Stay Online On Android Smartphone When awake

I Want to be online all day. But I cannot keep Restarting the app.

I have tha app and also use the browsers, but the online green button still goes grey.

How do others do this.


Hello, I don’t worry about it. I get orders whether I’m shown as online or offline equally.


Really? I seem to get more response when I am online. I do videos and voice ivers. Nobody seems to want to wait in the game.

People want everything done yesterday.

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You can go crazy wondering how to stay online all the time.

As long as I really am online I usually am shown as online.

You probably have to keep changing the page on fiverr to appear to stay online but you can’t fake it since fiverr now makes you prove you are not doing it robotically with an app.


Hi… @realviews4u … Thats right, what @misscrystal is told to us…
Also You can try to add about this “online” at Your FAQ section, something that You will back to them as soon as You can, although You are not online, because there is a different time zone … And peoples will also see it from Your : Avg. Response Time… usually if You are fast in reply, this Avg. Response Time will say : 1 hour. You can see it from Your profile. Also, You can set a quick response in Your message draft. Cheers :slight_smile: