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Stay online on Fiverr


I want to know that if I can open my Fiverr application then minimize it, so it shows online or not?

Need answer


Why do you need it?
If you are working in app it will show you online anyway.

And if you are hoping that staying online will rank your gig then you are absolutely wrong. It doesn’t have any connection.

but i have heared some where that stay online means more rank to your profile

Bul*it. I know a lot of people here repeating each other with fake and potentially harmful advices like stay online, share your gig, post on the forum, check your gig placement daily and your gig will get ranking etc etc.

Gig ranking depends on many factors but the biggest one is your performance. If you don’t have orders to show your great performance then you need to do proper marketing and reach out to your target audience.

Staying online wouldn’t help you to rank your gig.
If in doubt you can check their profiles and you’ll see that a lot of those people who’s giving this advices don’t have orders themselves.

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Ok thank you for your help

Staying Online doesn’t help at all!