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Stay safe, everyone! 🍍 Don’t forget to wash your hands

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Darn it! I knew I’d forgotten something… :scream:


I touched a couple of things from the outside world today. I can never be sure now I’ve washed my hands good enough.
We had a toilet get backed up and guess who had to fix it herself?

No one from OUT THERE is allowed in.

I hope you are not insinuating that this should have been a man’s job! :scream:

In either case, fixing toilets is pretty easy once you know how they work. At least you now have a new skill you can monetize in the post-Covid world of Fallout 4.

It’s airlocks in taps that really drive you round the bend. However, if it comes to that, linking your hot and cold tap with a piece of hose and turning on the one that works will usually fix things. You can even use plastic bags as replacement washers if you need to.

I am learning new things such as mopping, cleaning, plumbing.
Now the delivery people are threatening to strike, great!

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Well, at least you’re managing to continue life as normal.

Sadly, this lockdown is playing havoc with my cleaning routine. Typically, this involves buying new plates from the dollar store. At the rate things are going, I’m going to have to buy a new set of pans, plates, and cutlery when this is over.

Luckily, my local grocery store is still open and doubles as a bakery. In this case, I’m good for food. All I need is a new fishing rod, but I’m not even sure if it is possible to buy things from Amazon and eBay at the moment.

But you have to be around people there. I haven’t gone to any stores since this began. They bring food here but now it’s hard to get them to do that with a million people all trying to get it delivered. We have a skyrocketing number of cases here.
Amazon has partnered with Whole Foods to deliver it but the delivery people are threatening to strike.
Now stores are selling out of all seed packets as people take up trying to grow their own food.

Am I the only person who washed my hands regularly before this whole mess?


It’s hard on the skin. My dermatologist told me not to do it a while back. Now I use Dove so hopefully that’s milder. It removes the lipid barrier when you wash with soap.

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Yes Sure use also sanitizer

Out of curiosity, did you get permission from @mjensen415 to split his thread?

Today I made two face masks with pirate fabric left over from something I made for my grandson years ago.

They’re not great, but #2 daughter is v happy with hers, so they’ll do.

Miss C - it’s great to learn new things!

… and yes, eoin - I always washed my hands all the time before all of this. There are quite a few of us about …