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Stay safe from spammers or hackers

Hello everyone, today i wanted to share my experience to stay safe from spammers or hackers.

So, if you are a seller, you have to be careful from spammers and hackers, because if a hacker or the right term for this is a spammer(Who still PayPal accounts and bank accounts) pays you with a stolen PayPal account, of course after a short time maybe 2 days or less, the actual owner of the PayPal will open a case and refund his money OK?

Now the most important question is, What if you have delivered the work?

Well my friend, if you worked so hard, and the PayPal was stolen, well fiverr will refund the money to the actual owner, and banned the spammer, at the end the money that you have earned will come back to fiverr, and you will be disappointed :frowning: this happened to me but not in fiverr.

What can i do to prevent that?

Very simple this method 80% works, try to increase the delivery time not too much, but for example make it at least 2 days, so you can make sure that the buyer is not a spammer, however if you have finished the work, and you noticed that the buyer has a good reputation in fiverr, well deliver the work to him don’t worry about that.

That’s it if anyone has experienced this before i hope you can share it here, thank you :slight_smile:

i think no one has experienced this before!!!

I’s that what are you tooking about ? , i think that Occurred to me :stuck_out_tongue:

lool, yeah i think you was dealing with a spammer :slight_smile: