Stay Safe On Fiverr/ My Own Bad Experience


Hello everyone, my account may look new but I assure you I am not new to Fiverr. A long time ago, about two years ago I started a fiverr and decided to use it earlier this year. Well I had a gig to harmlessly video chat with people for an hour for about 20$. No big deal- or so I thought.
I met a buyer who acted normal at first, but turns out he was a predator looking for sexual favors from girls here. I always kept my face covered and identity hidden so that he couldn’t expose me if I said anything strange on camera to him. Long story short, he threatened to tell everyone that I was some sort of “insert derogatory word here”, and send all my followers on my website edited photos of myself that looked like I’d done something. He was a total creep so I threatened to take it to the police if he did anything insane because I had his information from the money he’d sent me once.
Just warning newbee’s, block these guys the minute you hear them ask you for sexual favors, there are other non business oriented websites out there for that.
Also, I must say this again- this was a year ago! I know much more now than I did- and if I come off as young and dumb, I am very sorry that you have prejudice against young people.
All I stated was my opinion and I didn’t want rude, negativity from older adults telling me what I did wrong because I am well aware of this myself.
I no longer offer “video chats” BUT I will talk to people over voice chat in games and over hangouts if they are lonely, no personal info asked or provided. So from the bottom of my young heart, I ask that you don’t criticize people based on their age or how you may perceive me based on just this tiny paragraph of information. You do not know me personally or who I am as a person- so try to refrain from insulting me. Thank you, and be respectful.


Wow, same thing happened to me last week!

This creep begged me for a video chat to discuss his “problem”. He was so desperate I thought maybe he was suicidal and just needed someone to chat with, and I felt sorry for him. I’ll let you guess what his “problem” turned out to be.

I don’t offer video chats, this was just his way of exploiting females. To add insult to my already bruised ego, the next day I get a warning from Fiverr CS that “adult services” are not allowed…I wasn’t offering an adult service, I’m just an overly-kind, white-haired, grandmother that was victimized for God’s sake!!! I’ve since deleted that gig and I’m re-evaluating if I should remain as a Seller.


I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a terrible experience! :frowning:

Personally - I think gigs where you offer to video chat with strangers, will rarely - if ever be harmless and I would recommend you don’t offer a gig like this - these are the types of services that should be on other websites, not here, even if well intended. Given that you can’t even get a hilarious birthday greeting from a guy in a thong anymore, I’m surprised fiverr still allows them (not to mention the TOS issue of video chat and giving out contact information to do that - unless customer service have pre-approved it)

My recommendation to newbies is don’t offer this type of gig at all.

Just curious, if you kept your identity hidden - how could he send your website followers photos of you?


NEVER, I repeat NEVER take money from a buyer in any way, other than through fiverr - not only are you putting your fiverr account at risk, you are putting yourself at risk by giving out your information.


I’m sorry this happened to you but not surprised. You look in your picture to be very young. I do not think fiverr should ever offer video chat for this reason, under any circumstances.

He sent you money, and knows about your website, so you are somewhat to blame for violating TOS but still, the entire situation with video chat leads to this, inevitably.

I see you still have a chat gig, just not video chat. I am still a little bit suspicious to be honest.


This is not the first time I’ve been approached by perverts on Fiverr fulfilling their older woman fantasy. The funniest was one that was considering ordering my spokesperson gig if I pretended to be his mother scolding him for being a bad boy along with some of my friends.

Also, I suspect some lonely men will engage me in long messaging about their video projects, but they never order, they just want a female pen pal.

It’s the internet, perverts will find women regardless of how they look or the gigs they offer.


It’s true, and something females should keep in mind. They can be very cunning.


I meant he payed me through a fiver but he had also sent me information via messages. I had given him my twitch, which is a video game livestreaming site to show him I was relevant. I was younger then so I had no idea what I was doing.


Exactly. I am sorry to hear to you experienced something similar. I just wish people had more respect.


Since you seem young and somewhat naive, the cosplay costume is going to attract some attention.


Yes I know this, and I am ok with this. I have been cosplaying since I was around 14 and believe me I know what happens when you aren’t very safe with that. It’s fine if I get attention from people with that gig- as long as they don’t ask for weird photosets everything will be fine. I don’t do NSFW cosplays in the first place.


Thanks,it will be noted


Not everyone knows what NSFW means, especially people who speak less English. Offering vague chat services with things like “I don’t bite” in them is a bad idea. If Fiverr decides to call that an adult service in spite of the NSFW comment (and given the suggestive images) they will remove it. It’s up to you until they do, but you’ll have to be prepared to give out a professional reply no matter what the “buyer” says and you’ll risk a higher cancellation rate. Still, if that’s ok with you, you can offer what you want as long as Fiverr doesn’t deny it.

I notice that most men and women on Fiverr who are attractive but don’t offer gigs that are vague or chat-related usually don’t get buyers that ask for unbelievably strange things. For some reason that seems to be a small group that just has odd luck or something. The main warning I would give to both male and female sellers is to be very careful about your images and descriptions and not to offer things like vague chatting, romance advice, etc.


I must be unusually suspicious. I can’t help but think this is some kind of adult oriented gig based on the images.


I don’t know how Trust and Safety would see it, but I wonder the same thing. That’s why I mentioned that the gig or gigs might be removed if Fiverr reviews the account. Plus, the images look quite a bit younger than 18 to me, but some people just look young. Whatever the case, I don’t think most sellers run into problems with this because their gigs don’t attract it.


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