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Staying active on fiverr

I think staying active on Fiverr is the major reason I got my first sale today, I notice a drastic change in my Impression when I decided to start staying active on Fiverr… Mind to check my gig here!

Second gig

Now, I’m only glad it all worth it…

What’s your thought on staying active on Fiverr?


What do you mean “stay active”? How do you stay active?
What do you do?

I know that when I am online and scrolling on Fiverr (me actually looking at my profile and checking what to improve and random things) and forum I get more messages, but when I do not visit Fiverr site for days I get no messages, but maybe that is random.


Let’s be clear, there is a huge difference between logging into Fiverr and organically staying online as you service clients or browse for buyers, etc. vs using page refreshers that will ultimately get people an account warning. I thought it important to make that clear - as we all know there will be some people who will read your words and then think they can download a browser add on and magically get loads of messages!


Yes, I stayed scrolling on Fiverr and I look around on how to make my gigs and service better, I also check my competitors to see exactly what they are doing and how I can offer my service in a more better ways…

I hope that’s clear now?

Yes, you are right, There is no need to use any page refreshers before one can stay online… I use the Go Online Features in Account Settings on both Web and Mobile App…

Couldn’t agree more. I saw a couple of people’s IPs blocked by Fiverr using browser auto refresh extension. In my experience, no need to use illegal things. Just download the Fiverr app from your mobiles and turn on notifications.

Available for iPhone and Android.

Also, I turn off notifications my sleep time because I care about my health more than getting orders from Fiverr.

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Yes, That’s right… :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:

That’s partially a case. When you search for a service, you can filter the amount by services by selecting a ‘Seller online’ tab. That’s probably one of the main reasons why you are being contacted more often when you are being active on a website.

However, staying all the time online in order to get a 100% engagement with a potential customer isn’t really a case. Your gig(s) are your main decisive point for a customer to decide if they want to engage you or not.

For example, I was offline for two weeks and then one day, people started to message me out of a blue. (Probably a rotation mechanism in play?) and people continue to PM me even when I am sleeping :slight_smile:

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Yes, This is Accurate…