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Staying active on this forum brings you any business?

Hello everyone,

These days i have been quite active on this forum. I can see many regular users who frequently post and leave comments on other topics. Is it effective to earn some business? Does buyers really choose sellers through this forum? I only came here to read posts so that i can learn something new which i don’t know. But today i read a comment a user was advising newbie to stay on the forum to get orders. Does it works?


No, I din’t receive any order through forum.

Nope. Some youtube “gurus” suggest the forum is a good place to get orders, but it really isn’t and just clutters everything up. I wish they’d stop.

This is the only good reason to come here.


I also don’t think so that any buyer will visit this forum for hiring.

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We shouldn’t misguide the new sellers then. They should better focus to improve their services and find other ways to get orders.

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Almost never. There are some cases (a seller helps a buyer on the forum and the buyer happens to need something that the seller offers, or someone notices that a seller is really helpful/knowledgeable and happens to need what the seller is offering), but they are really rare, and typically happen to sellers with an already established business on Fiverr, not to desperate newbies (and definitely not to those who just post countless thank yous or parrot what someone else said).


So pretty clear to me now. Post your queries, search for the tips if you are newbie here, discuss any problem in forum but it can’t be a source to get orders.