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Staying online in fiver

Hello Every One ,I am BEGNNERS Seller On Fiver…I am Curious About staying online on fiver will
boosts your sell or not?Also Give Me some Suggestions About That>>>


It will definitely boosts sales usually buyer contact those freelancers how are online. They want a quick response.

Stay online as much as possible.


It is a very dubious piece of advice for several reasons:
a) we become freelancers to be in-control of our lives, not to be slaves
b) if a client only considers us because we are online then they are most likely a poor customer seeing they value our immediacy for them over our ability to do the job well
c) we honestly cannot be online all the time so it is only a short hop before we start scamming our status. lies beget lies.

Have a great offer based in being a wonderful solution to something that you can do well - deliver a special result in - and look for matching clients. A scattergun or commodity approach will only leave a mess for all involved.




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That is subjective. Always respond to your messages as soon as you can rather than staying online 24/7.

:bulb: TIP - Install the Fiverr app on your mobile device and turn on online option

I’m always online. It would be tedious to switch it to offline everyday. I haven’t had any complaints. Customers understand that just because you’re online doesn’t mean you’re gonna reply right away.

Hi, you know there is a filter option in fiverr gig search. So, that means when a buyer search a gig by filtering (online) he/she can find you if you are online on that time. I hope you got it :slight_smile: let me know if you have any question. i’ll be happy to help

Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you all the best.

Hello, well, I’m not a newbie for sure :wink:. I’m usually always online. It’s not something I suggest… because simply I’m online because I can. I am a networker, I’m on social media, I’ve got an homepage and so on, so usually I’m online because I’m online. That’s all.

If you want to oblige yourself to be online this will be a failure. There are a lot of other success factors to consider before this: the quality of your service, your skills (are you studying enough? I study daily…), are your replying in few minutes to customers requests? use the mobile app, it’s easier… and so on.

Hope this will help all newbies, but study, study and study…