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Staying online on Fiverr

Hello Fiverr People,
I could not stay online in Fiverr properly for 2-3 weeks. But I am continuing from yesterday. Will I face any problem getting orders? Though I am sending buyer requests.

This is a VERY common question. Staying online has minimal impact on gig visibility and only for specific buyer with specific search parameters.

Great gigs get orders, regardless of whether the seller is online or offline.


thanks for your valuable information.

I couldn’t agree more. This myth that exists that you need to be online as much as possible or even 24/7 is dangerous to people’s health. In my case I only ever sign in to my Fiverr account to respond to messages or to deliver orders. I’m online for maybe 15 or 20 minutes a day maximum. But magically I’ve had 750 orders, 500+ reviews. So what’s the secret? As you’ve said - great gigs (and I’ll add in great customer service).


Thanks for your valuable information.