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Staying online to rank the Fiverr account

Hi everyone, I have a question I have seen that some sellers are always staying online, and so far I know if someone wants to rank their Fiverr account and gig then they often have to stay online with Fiverr. May I know "How this is possible? & How do you manage this thing?

I have observed that the Fiverr account automatically goes offline after 3 or 4 minutes later. so lots of time I missed staying online continuously, maybe at the time working with illustrator or using Facebook or something else… I meant it always needs to reload to stay alive.

some people suggest me to use auto reloader and I am confused about that is it appropriate for Fiverr or it goes against the rules of Fiverr?

Please response with your valuable experiences of Fiverr

Thank you.

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I am not sure how it actually works but I always have a fiverr window opened in my browser. I also use the Fiverr smartphone app.

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I myself also opened a tab with Fiverr but it goes offline soon. I think you did not notice that if you did not reload it then after 3-4 minutes each time it goes off.
Thank you

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I think its better to use fiverr mobile app

I am not sure if this is important but I always keep it switched on.

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You could get in trouble for that.

Why would you fake that you’re online if you’re not?

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I’m also facing same problem and can’t figured out what’s the perfect solution for this :confused:

I’ve also heard this and it seems to be effective for me. But I am legitimately online and click around the Fiverr site every so often. The issue is you don’t want to be “fake online” because you want to respond right away to client messages. If you are online but elsewhere, just click back and scroll. But if you are truly doing something else, let it go offline.

Keep in mind the “why” of being online making you rank better. Fiverr wants to see more engagement. So they are giving potential buyers the best experience by having people online at the top. Or if they want, they can even search for it. So if I was a buyer and I searched for online sellers I want to have a conversation right now… not in 30 minutes when you get around to it. Does that make sense?