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Staying online?

Hi Everyone!

I have a question. How do I stay online on fiverr? When I open the fiverr page, it shows me as online but when I minimize it and do my other work, the online icon turns gray after few minutes. How can I stay online?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Confirmed. It may be that while minimized, your browser is not refreshing or not responding to server requests. Just a guess.

thank you for your comment, but i don’t minimize it though its still going offline after minutes. I manually have to refresh and stay in the site for few seconds to get it back to online

why are we staying always online?

to get attention from buyer as compared to other seller everyone loves quick responce.

@sajadjaward1 You can use an auto refresh extension from chrome and keep fiverr open in one tab

@threeonerf Fiverr buyers can filter sellers based on their online availability. Hence being online is always a perk.


You should use an auto refresh extension from chrome for staying online.

@sajadjaward1 You must not use automatic page refresher as it is stated in other forums that it is not legal here on Fiverr… You can use a timer extension instead. When time counting will be up, it will show you a pop up. Then you can go to the fiverr page see something like messages or buyer request etc. and remain online… :+1:. So, If you forget fiverr somehow and got busy in other jobs, that alarm will told you about it…

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your account could be banned for violation of fiverr TOS.

Are you aware that you’re responding to a thread that was started in May 2015, and that the OP doesn’t have any active gigs, plus his last delivery was over a year ago?

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Yes, I know that and I commented because I have watched this post many times when I have to search for that issue. It should be dead for the poster but it is still online for the newcomers. Therefore, I shared it, So newcomers can see it…