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Steady Order Stream... Dried Up

Hello everyone!

I’ve been selling resume and cover letter services on Fiverr for over two years. Up until now, I’ve always had a steady order flow. I often had to put on out-of-office to play catchup! However, over the past three weeks I’ve gotten two orders, and one inquiry, to which they never replied back.

Has this happened to anyone? I’ve done some updating to my Gig through reducing delivery time, offering unlimited revisions and even lowering my prices across the board. Still- nothing.

Any ideas why this could be?


Probably gig editing

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Thanks. I guess I’ll let it marinate a bit… fingers crossed!

Same here, fiverr changed the gigs position, my gig transferred from fist page to 24.

Bummer. Did your orders pick back up or positioning change?

No, I had 6-8 orders per week but now only one order in 1 week and my gigs impressions are going down and down day by day.

Sigh. Hopefully they pick back up for both of us!

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