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Stealing work from other sellers


Hello, everyone.
Hope you’re good today.
My name is Dev.

I gave up on Fiverr many times. But a few months ago i came back and i think everything is going … almost well.
(Note: I stopped cause i didn’t have time for Fiverr jobs)

So…i tried (like everyone else here) to promote my services and “rank up” my gig.

(Note: I’m aware that the Fiverr’s search algorithm brings the whole word of sellers upside down. And I’m still patient and positive that all the issues will be fixed as they should. )

So today i was checking my placement in search “results” & “recommended result”(category: full website creation)

And i noticed that my 5 stars rated gig with many happy clients, is at the bottom of every search result not even in the first 5 pages (Its okay, I’m used to that)

Then i noticed something really weird. A guy at the 1st page that provides the same services like I do. He is using 1 of my gig images that i made in photoshop from scratch(not random google image). Plus…He got the same portfolio images from (probably fake) orders.

Isn’t it crazy?
A guy that trying to catch clients with my projects + lower rating is higher than me in search results.

This tickled my nerves a little bit.

So i immediately asked him if he can remove my gig image and my projects kindly.

He ignored me (as i expected) while he was online the whole day.

I report it to customer support. And we’ll see what is going to happen.

I know some people will say you shouldn’t have to post this issue until it will get resolved.
But i think sellers should be careful when there are people that copy your business and gain more with your effort. It’s kinda unfair.

And please don’t tell me the whole life is unfair.

I got banned from sending offers to any buyer in “buyers request” section. Only cause i were new and typed the sentence: "do you need a PayPal gateway on your website? The word paypal ruined me for 3 months while these people are ruining this website freely.

Sorry for all that mumbling. I would love to know your opinion on this issue, cause I think I’m not the only one here that experienced such a thing.


You are absolutely justified at being upset.

You are not overreacting.

I would be just as upset if a thief stole my hard work to use as their own. I don’t blame you at all. Matter of fact, I’d appreciate it if you kept us posted on what customer support says.

My opinion, someone that steals from their fellow seller is as bad as a bank/store robber.

Thief = criminal = robber :rage:


You are absolutely right. This is a situation that will frustrate anyone. I once saw someone with a level one badge with 15+ reviews and in the gig portfolio, i saw my videos. Can you believe that? I wasn’t shocked because that seller stole my videos. I was shocked that how can someone download videos from my gig portfolio and then upload it to the fake buyer and get a fake review.

Not only that, i saw some videos of a TRS as well. So in in that portfolio, up to 10 videos were fake. I didn’t reported to CS because i was busy in those days. After sometime when i checked the profile, it was deleted, may be due to the same reasons.

Another thing. I wrote my gig description by a really good writer here on fiverr and I was very excited about that. After just 3 days of modification of my gig, I saw the same gig description copied by another seller. Like they didn’t even wait a week for me to enjoy MY new gig description. :unamused:

Anyway, Keep us posted on what CS says about this issue.
Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Agree with what the others said.


Hello Gina.
Thank you for your reply.
The thing that irritates me the most is that there is someone out there providing low-quality services while showing projects with my name and my gig URL on them. :confused:

I will keep you updated with the whole thing.
Thank you once again. :slight_smile:


Hello, Saddu.

Your reply made me think more about the “fake reviews” and how they can make go higher in this market. I mean why is everyone talking about “How you can get banned creating fake order & reviews” while none is getting punished for that. Sometimes I think that the Fiverr itself allows those habits to grow. :confused:

Don’t be shocked, they will be able to download your videos easily. There is plenty of free & easy tool on the internet that can help you extract everything from a page. (Images, videos, songs, text and even source code of the website) This should make Fiverr’s developers kinda worried.

I will keep you updated with the whole thing.
Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone.
I said I will keep you updated with the whole issue.
I apologize for any delay but i didn’t have the time to post yesterday. After about 36 hours from the time that i requested the seller to remove my images & work. He answered me and apologized for using my images. Then he removed them. And i just answered with a simple “Thank you”. I didn’t want to speak with him at all.
In the other hand, the Fiverr’s customer support answered my ticket few hundred moments later :P. And asked me to be more specific, cause they couldn’t find any identical images on his gig. And they told me that there is no guarantee that my gig will appear in any search result. The last one wasn’t even my issue. I just asked them why someone who stole my projects and images can be higher than me in the search results.
Then i informed them that the seller removed my images and the issue is “solved” And asked them once again kindly “I’m just curious how can any seller use projects, images from an another seller and he can be higher in the search results and not automatically banned. Isn’t it unfair?”

They replied with a big smile "I am glad to hear that the issue has been solved. If you have any further questions pertaining to this or any other matter, please contact us.Thank you."

Nothing Has changed, everything works as they did. And still, there are people out there using someone else’s work to gain money.

Note: I know that the customer support can’t give an answer to all the issues, also I understand that they can’t answer immediately.

End of Story