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Step-by-step process to learn how to optimized Fiverr GIGS

Keyword Research: Before publishing gig, you have to research well to find a less competitive & well-selling keyword. For which, you can use Fiverr search box & top-level sellers. Also, you can use a to get an idea.

GIG Title: We all know that the first impression is the best impression. You just have to impress your targeted clients through your gig title. Check out other top-seller gigs to get an idea. Don’t copy!

GIG Video: Videos can increase your ranking. You can use Powtoon to make a video if you are not okay in front of the camera.

GIG Image: Provide your sample works as an image as well. You can Canva to make images for free.

Description: provably buyers will spend 5s to read your description. So put your best words there. You can use your targeted keyword up to 3 times.

Tags: Tags are very important. Use other top seller gigs to get best-converted tags. Also, use Fiverr search box.

FAQS: Put some FAQS as well.

Sending Buyer Request

10 buyer request means 10 new opportunities! Don’t just copy, and then paste buyer requests all the time. Be specific. Understand buyers need, then write. Before submitting, proofread your proposal once again. Sample buyer request :

Hey, Hope you’re doing good. I checked the details and it looks like I’ve worked on something similar to that on this website [example. com], I can help you with the task you need. Let’s talk about this in more detail. Regards, tariq_nahid.

Don’t copy-paste this one. I am just trying to give you an idea.


That is awesome Suggestions

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Thanks a lot. best wishes!


I have published one gig today, but still no views and clicks can you tell me about this. I am afraid.

Keep sending buyer request. Make sure your gigs are optimized properly. Be active 24/7!

Thank you very much for your kind information.


Views and impressions are updated after every 24 hours.


I think people seem to miss a trick with how available you are. Even if I’m not at the computer (or phone app) I still have my status as set to ‘always online’. It makes a huge difference in the amount of people that contacted me. I did a test and only had it showing as online when I was actually online and not only did my gig requests, views, new messages drop but even my orders dropped (possibly because of the views and new leads from messages.

As soon as I turned my status to always online I had floods of people contacting me again, which meant more leads and more orders.

Sure, you’re not going to be awake to answer every question straight away but as long as you stick within the 24 hour window then it’s all good.


Yeah, Thanks for sharing your experience

Great tips! :slight_smile: Really helpful, thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much! Hopw you are doing great.

Thanks a lot. it is very helpful post for newbie freelancer.

You are most welcome

Thanks for your suggestion :innocent:

Tnks u so much @tariq_nahid


Don’t worry. You won’t see any impression and click today… Check tomorrow. It takes 24 hours to show.


This is really great tips.I will be highly benefited by this post,thanks

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You are most welcome. Best wishes!

Hi tariq thanks for your valuable suggestions.
i have one question i got good impressions on my gigs and my impression on one gig also reaches to 1.4k but got only 3 clicks i got orders but they are from buyer requests i did not get a single order from my gig what do you suggest?

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Maybe your title and thumbnail are not attractive! Try to put an eye-catching thumbnail that makes buyers click on that.