Step by step to boost your sales


this is step by step tutorial for new seller to boost sales without sending buyer quotation
very short BUT very very effective.

  1. Name your gig correctly and briefly

  2. Add video

  3. in your profile “edit” profile
    add extension of every gig name
    for example "I will do graphic design"
    Skills should be: logo, flyers, illustration, etc.

  4. Add extension of gig search tag
    for example "I will do graphic design"
    tag should be: Flyer, logo, 2d, illustration, ETC.
    NOT “PHOTOHOP” "Etc.

advertise your gig in forum
every week or monthly basis.
“NEVER” use EXTRA in your advertised gig

Create a weekly or monthly OFFER
post in forum with gig link attached!


I am not getting Buyer Requests

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