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Steps in Writing an Engaging Buyer's request?

After creating five Gigs in 8 days, I wish to use the buyer’s request but don’t know how to begin. I also don’t want to copy and paste, I want my writing to stand out. I really need steps and examples as a guide.


1.First of all, always read the buyer’s inquiry carefully and its attached files.
2.Write something that will attract attention when buying, e.g. if he gives his name (Hello name).
3.propose a favorable offer it is worth taking a little break from the price but not too much!
4.Write down things you could do extra in addition to make your service more beneficial.
5.write politely, not like a robot. say hello etc …
6.if the price is underestimated because you are a new seller, notify the buyer
7.refer to what the buyer wrote in his requirements
Good luck! :heart:

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Best advice I can offer is to think of it like a cover letter for a job interview (because it kind of is).

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