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Steps on how to improve your business

Here I can help you with improving your business and steps on how to improve it


what kind of business?

Any kind of business expect for IT businesses

What will you do with it?

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Are you a seller here? Do you have any Gigs?

If so, this post belongs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category of the forum.


I will show you how and what you can do in order for people to buy more of what you selling

Haha, can you teach me how to get orders? May I know how many orders you have received?

The poster doesn’t even have a profile pic and you are going to take advice from them? :laughing:

So,@nosiphoangel, do you have any Gigs here? How many sales have you made on Fiverr?


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Ha ha, I want to know what is the matter?

The matter is, this person doesn’t even have a profile pic, and I doubt they have any Gigs set up. And, IF they do, I would imagine they have no sales yet.

Also, they are good at answering your questions with vague responses, but ignore my simple query of whether they have a Gig or not.


Yes, I have doubts also

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