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Stevie Wonder Working For Fiverr Support

My rating has been at 95% for about 6 months now…In the last 6 months i completed over 40 orders. My percentage didn’t budge not once. Someone leaves me negative feedback on a gig i delivered on time and boom…My percentage drops…What type of crap is that? Take so long to build my percentage up, and with a blink of an eye they take it away from me? Who is it that they have working over at fiverr support? Stevie Wonder? You guy’s need to seriously get your act together.


Pissed off in Miami

Remember that it is a percentage. If you have 100 orders and get one negative, your rating is going to go down by a percent. Getting one more order isn’t going to make your percentage go up. You need to get another 100 orders to improve your rating by 0.5%. It’s not Fiverr’s system. It’s the word of percentages.

I’ve tried explaining it with basic rounded numbers just as examples.

Thank you for the feedback, it’s appreciated…But honestly, the system sucks. Period. :smiley:

chinoisdope said:
  • Thank you for the feedback, it's appreciated...But honestly, the system sucks. Period. :D

Why does the system suck? I fail to see any point that you are making. Your % went down because you received negative feedback.

It is clear why you have received the negative feedback (2 complaints about your attitude). Work on improving yourself and that rating will climb back up.

Annoying, sure, but it’s what you agreed to by using the service. It is what it is.

no need to take it out on Stevie…

I just want to say that you are the Sunshine of My Life for making this post. For Once in My Life - I Don’t Know Why - it feels like it isn’t the Same Old Story.

Remember though; Be Cool, Be Calm. Once you’ve Been Through the Storm a few times, you’ll learn to Blame it On the Sun. Hold On to Your Dreams, and don’t be a Stubborn Kind of Fellow.

Lift Every Voice and Sing together - That’s What Friends Are For!

Reply to @ryangillam: I appreciate the feedback, but quite honestly, i don’t have an attitude. Yes i did receive negative feedback, and both times buyer stated i had an attitude problem. Question, if you had a product that you were selling here on Fiverr, that you knew worked 100% percent and you sold this product 40 some odd times with no problems at all, along comes Leach #1, -*See Leach- buy’s the product and says “hey seller your plugin doesn’t work, i demand my money back”. Leach #2 comes along, does the same exact thing, swears to the heavens and earth that my plugin doesn’t work, I tell him i will install the plugin for him…Next thing you know…Buyer: Oh the plugin works fine i must of been doing something wrong…Buyer still gives me negative feedback…Does that make sense? Some people are just mentally screwed up…If i could post the conversation of me and buyer on here i would, and you could judge for yourself if i have an attitude or not.

*Leach - A Buyer who want’s things for free, they will buy a gig, then demand there money back just to get the gig for free.

Reply to @sosteen517: I love me some Stevie.It was either him or Ray Charles, and good ol Stevie beat him out…lol…Hope you have a sense of humor…

Reply to @bachas85: Yes the math, and this is why Math was one of the most hated subjects in school…smh…lol

Reply to @brandontvedt: If everybody had that attitude, this world would be a better place. I appreciate your words. Have a blessed day.

Reply to @chinoisdope: Don’t you worry 'bout a thing. B-)

Reply to @chinoisdope:

It’s better to keep this place from being a mess. (lol)

After you’re told about your attitude you continued lolol

I think you should speak with your buyer and offer him a revised service for a positive review.

However in some cases the seller needs to except the negative review.

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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