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Still a new seller? I meet the requirements to advance but its not showing up

No, you are providing the wrong information to the seller. Fiverr just says you have to be a member of the community at large on both pages listed, it does not mention the forum. Fiverr seems to be providing the same information it has for years.

Community: A unified group of individuals with common interests, activities or goals.

oh okey! I stop reading fiverr acadamy,blog :smirk:

You don’t have to stop reading them, if you are reading from the verified sources.

Just do not misinterpret them and then use that wrong information to give suggestion to another member on the forum.

If you have a question feel free to ask us, any active member of the forum can assist you with clearing any doubt.


I got my level 1 badge on my 36th days.
I contacted Customer support on the 31st day.
They said, the system got something like: "I violated their TOS."
Which I was totally unaware of! :confused:
No worry, you will be promoted soon. :slight_smile:

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yes its a little confusing since it meet all the criteria but it seems to show in some places i have and others not. I guess i’ll have to just wait since there isn’t a whole lot else i can do, It doesn’t make any sense to me.

There are lot of flag words,
Users to report,
Maybe you used or affected by any of those which you are not aware. :frowning:
But you have done a great job. :smiley:

Bruh! Why do you think, by “Fiverr Community” Academy stated the Forum?
Take is a part of Fiverr Community.
Fiverr, Support Team, Blog, Podcast, Academy itself are the specific parts of Fiverr Community. :slight_smile:
You don’t need to participate all of em to fulfill the requirements :slight_smile:

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:clap::clap::clap: :sleeping:

Give the Fiverr System some time to award you Level 2 automatically :slight_smile:

Is it still mandatory to be active on fiverr Forum for 30 days for becoming a Level 1 Seller?