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Still able to send buyer messages after he chose to block me

After a bit of tinkering with the fiverr’s DOM, I am able to send buyer messages after he blocks me from it

I dont know where to report this vulnerability to Fiverr so they could improve the website. Please advise

Between I only did so after the buyer recontacted me, and he is ok with it.
The funny thing is he only blocked me because my proposed budget ($20) is too high for him haha.

I wouldn’t call this a vulnerability but a bug, so I’d report it using the usual ticket system, there’s “Report a Bug or Mobile Bug” in the drop-down.


Acknowledged. You can close the ticket now


In case you meant me with that and this forum thread, sorry, I can’t, only forum moderators can close forum threads.
This is a “peer to peer” forum, where you usually “only” get replies from fellow Fiverr users, no “official” replies from staff, for those you need to use the ticket system I linked to. :slight_smile:

This category, Report a Bug, as well as Site Suggestions, is said to be monitored by staff but typically they don’t respond on the forum, except in rare cases.


Hello, it’s nice of you to want to report this bug but you need to report it to customer support, not here.

Also, if someone has blocked you then you should probably stop sending them messages, even if you can in spite of being blocked. They have shown they don’t want to get messages from you so respect that boundary.

In particular if a seller has blocked you then why would you still want to hire him for a job? Give up and find someone who welcomes your business. It’s a horror to block someone and then get a message from them saying “you blocked me!”


You are absolutely right…I am also agree with your opinion.

I did contact the support after I realized that this forum is not managed by fiverr itself.
And yes you are right, I shouldnt contact the buyer after this, but the buyer message you see in the screenshot attached was after he blocked me (seems he has forgotten about it).
He has unblocked me since then

@ahsan3, maybe the buyer blocked you by mistake and after realizing it, unblocked you again so, in that time span, perhaps, that was the reason why you were able to contact him/her.


Not the case. It was a simple hack and any average wed developer can do it

Then, if you are so sure about it and have already contacted support, please keep us updated, if you will, with whatever response you may get from CS or Fiverr’s developing team.

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I blocked someone and now see this message:

username is not accepting messages at this time.

So not sure what happened here. It looks like after I blocked him he blocked me.

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