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Still affecting the ratings due to cancelled order 2021?

I have several orders that were cancelled due to buyers purchasing gigs without contacting me first even though I mention it in the gig in the capital letters and their tasks were unrealistic.

Firstly why does fiverr still allows the ratings to be affected when an order is cancelled? This is highly unfair to the seller.

Also, what are the tips to avoid having many buyers ordering without contacting me first.

Thanks alot.


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Because people were trying to cheat the system by canceling orders rather than taking negative reviews.

Raise your price, adjust your requirements, change the phrase/request to include a ‘why’ they should contact first, and if cancelling is necessary try to go though CS to do it.

You have less than 1 minute of read-time shown in your forum profile. Check out the Tips For Sellers category (Fiverr Tips - Fiverr Community Forum). You’ll find hundreds of threads offering advice on a variety of things to consider and/or improve. (Note: Not all advice can apply to all gigs or categories. Be sure you check multiple sources as there are some false tips, even among the top threads.)

I have had a problem like this. State in your gig description and make it a questions, which must be completed in the requirements section, like this : Have you contacted the buyer before purchasing and they must click yes, only one option. State that you don’t accept any automatic orders, that they must message you first. If they don’t do this and just decide to order, you will get the order and you can deny it while it is in the order section. This should not affect your rating. Also screenshot all the messages etc and send it to Customer Services.

Fair enough. If the system was being cheated on then thats covered now although I have all cancelled orders through customer support only. I have never cancelled it on my own, through mutual agreement or requested the buyer to do it.

I always let the support review the buyer’s messages and then the support tells me that they were wrong to place an order for something they cannot be delivered and they cancel it.

Appreciate the tips, those will be really really helpful. Thanks alot

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That is a pro tip. It would be really helpful, I’ll be implementing this asap.

Also I always request CS to cancel it after reviewing it and they did it each time given the buyer’s mistakes.

Thank you so much

Yes, contacting CS and asking them to cancel is a good thing to do. I have done this before.

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I had some issues with cancellations. Then I would go straight to CS and they would answer me that all cancellations affect my ratings, even if the buyer is not right. I asked them to cancel on my side and they told me that even if they do my rating will still go down. I am very confused by the whole Fiverr rating system. And I believe it is extremely unfair. I have 90% completion rate now because of 2 cancelled orders in the last 3 months vs tens of delivered orders. When I deliver one order my rating goes 1% up or sometimes stays the same, when I cancel it goes 5% down per each order.

When I contact Fiverr they keep telling me I am my own business and they are just a marketplace. But if I am an owner of my business I can always refund my customer or cancel the order without being punished in any way. I can build my brand by actually deciding with whom I want to work and with whom not. Here with Fiverr I feel like an employee with no rights.

I am sorry if my message is a bit harsh, but I am on Fiverr for many years, I do not do it full time, but every time I decide to give it another try I end up feeling that they are just doing many illegal things to sellers.

You are absolutely right

If its just a marketplace then why are the sellers being punished for a mistake by a buyer.

Few days ago, I got a custom offer accepted, discussed everything in detail, the description of the offer states the deliverables, he ended my requesting me more work than the agreement, I gave him two revisions and submitted, he opened it again claiming that the agreement was of something else and I need to do something which neither the time nor the price justifies. What did Fiverr do?

They told me to bend backwards with as many revisions and do exactly as the buyer tells me to do or just wait and let your efforts go to waste even if its a buyer’s mistake.

It’s horrible. I am very sorry to hear so many people get that unfair treatment. The problem is, unfortunately many sellers rely on Fiverr in their income, and Fiverr know that. They know that no matter how they deal with us, how they force us to do things we don’t, how they take out or freedom and rights we will still be here working for them. That’s how slavery worked. And I have no idea WHY no authority yet looked at all issues Fiverr has.

I recently got the following answer from CS(copied as it is)

Hello Radmilla,

I apologize if you are not satisfied with my response, however, this is how the platform works, sorry for the inconvenience, but, all cancelation will affect your account statistics.

Their excuse of saying that’s how the platform works is insane.

  • Where all the fees we pay go?
  • why no technical work is done to improve the system?
  • How they have a right to hold our money for 14 days , use them like in a bank without paying us the % for their usage?
  • why when I deliver digital service (work) that can be easily sold afterwards without me knowing the buyer still can walk away not paying?
  • Why some technical issues I had were fixed only 3!!! Years later. I had a wrong country as my location and for 3 years they could not do anything.

Until there will be a legal action against them nothing will change.

Extremely sad to see such a response by the support team

Plenty of loopholes and glitches in the whole system need to be worked upon.

Those are some potent questions you raised, unfortunately I feel Fiverr only values Buyers with the perception of them bringing in the money thus they will be catered for and not the sellers.

Sad but thats how it is