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Still at 96, dang it


I know this is nothing new, but dang I hope Fiverr gets rid of the bugs.
Mt response rate is still at 96%, it’s stuck at that number for the longest time even though
I reply to every message every time.

As long as it’s over 95 I guess it’s OK and it’s not a big deal, but it’s one of those
"I know it should be at 100 so therefore I would want it to be 100, just because 100
kinda looks nice…and heck, again, it’s supposed to be at 100" kind of thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also a bit worried about the order completion rate, it went down to 92 at one point thanks to some idiot, luckily I got a good number of orders after that so it went up to 93…
and just because I’m lazy I haven’t done the math, but I’m thinking my completion rate at this point should be a biiiiiiit higher. I have 2 more orders I’m working on right now, I hope it will go up to 95 soon. :roll_eyes:

So…where’s the 1-800 number for the Fiverr Exterminator service?? :phone:


For a while I thought the response rate bug was gone but lately my response rate has jumped back and forth between 99% and 100% for no reason I can see.

Three days ago, my response rate finally moved back to 100%. Two days later it dropped back to 99% for no reason.

I notified customer support and was told they refreshed it and it would take 24 hours to go back to 100%. So I waited 24 hours and it did not go back. So then they said I had a missed message in December.

I’m very frustrated.

They said it is for 60 days now. I always thought it was for 30 days so now maybe the timing has gone to 60? I’m confused.


Having it at 30 days before it corrected back to 100% was bad enough but now it’s 60 days.

This is too strict.


Which category did you use?
I tried the “report bug” category but then I need to choose those scroll-down options
and I’m not sure which one to go with.
I just want to know if my low ratings are due to a bug or not, should I use a different category?

The response rate I can (still) care less, but the completion rate…I hope I can bump it up to
95 and above!


There was a time I had a funny bug with my first Fiverr gig for years (I’m sure it is still there). I have paused the gig for over a year now.

I always had 5 orders in my queue, even when I had cleared my queue.



I know right? My “Delivered on Time” isn’t moving too! After the evaluation, I tried completing orders within the limit of my supposed to be delivery time (It’s very rare that I get to deliver late actually). Once I delivered a gig order and it is up by 2%, then another order it’s up by 1%, after completing more, it doesn’t even move even a percent. What is happening? This system is really confusing! We tried our best to meet their requirements but it seems there is no concrete computation for the ratings.