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Still buyer isn't sending complete information

Am I the only one who is experiencing this? :thinking:

delivery the order. and request him for revision.

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I’m sorry, but what is he supposed to deliver if his buyer didn’t submit complete requirements???


Do not deliver an unfinished order. Reach out to the buyer instead. Has the timer started yet?


It almost looks like you have used the Resolution center to extend the delivery date on more than one occasion, but, the buyer has not fulfilled the requirements you need. Is that the case?

Whatever you do, do NOT take poster #2’s advice in delivering “something” and just hoping for a revision. NEVER deliver work that is not what the client wanted or ordered just to beat the clock. Always use the Resolution center to extend the delivery time, so you can ask the buyer to fulfill whatever information you need to get started. Delivering an empty file or a bunch of hogwash is a good way to get your account banned.

If this buyer does not reply to you, you can also contact Customer Service to see if they can reach out to them, OR even cancel the order without it affecting your stats. I would only do the latter though as a last resort.



same problem for me how can i get the solution

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Great answer from @genuineguidance
@mozammel55555 All you had to do to find a solution is to read her reply.


Also, do you have in your Gig “order requirements”? If not, go fill this out so that IF this happens again, where a client does not fill out what they need, the order does not begin (the clock does not start ticking). Requiring certain parameters before a Gig can start is a good way to avoid headaches.


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Luckily, very early in my Fiverr journey I have found out that to have “order requirements” (as genuineguidance advised) is important! I think that this can save you from trouble in the future with buyers that may be confused.

Now, the resolution center can help you especially if you have a big time difference. Unless your buyer responds soon and provides what you need.

The clock won’t start if they don’t fill in the requirements. But I have had a couple of cases when the buyer did fill in the requirements but… not all of the requirements. Strange things happen in life and buyers are not always easy :slight_smile:

Please let us know what happened with your case