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Still cannot login from Firefox using 3 different PCs


After three years of using and still cannot use username and password to login by Firefox. I have another account using google login but I want to use username and password for my main account.

I use internet explorer only for

I love google, but google chrome is their worst product.

Many thanks


I don’t know why you can’t login but you are only supposed to have one account.

If you only use internet explorer for fiverr, why are you trying to login using firefox?


Well I started with google account but I stopped using it because it shows my real name which cannot be changed. I am not sing that anymore. I created another account using another email. I don’t like using IE but I have to open it just to open fiverr which is very annoying and consumes RAM and slows down my PC. So I need to log in to fiverr using normal usermane and password as I only use Firefox.


Chrome works best on this site. I like it a lot.


Because Chrome doesn’t respect your privacy!


I will say something against Firefox but not now…
7 month later

Clear browser history and i also use Ctrl + Shift + P to get in private browse and then sign in.
What it does is it clear all add-ons that you are using.