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Still can't access fiverr!

Anybody else out there STILL having problems accessing Fiverr’s main site?? I can get on here but nowhere else. Can’t contact customer service either…

here is ok, but I can see they are changing look of main page again, so probably that is causing a problem for you

@katarina123 The link to customer support at the top of this page doesn’t work for you, either? What platform/browser are you using?


It is Aug 5th (here in UK) and I am STILL having issues! Have not heard from customer support. I use Firefox. I had five orders delivered today. Finally got four of them downloaded- the fifth one took forever! Am expecting two more orders delivered tomorrow- am dreading it.

If this continues, I will be forced to to go another site that offers the same services as Fiverr. Oh, a few days ago, I was easily able to access the forum here- today it took me ages! So frustrating. I’m just worried I won’t be able to access my orders when I get them tomorrow…

I wonder how many other people are having this problem.

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Reply to @katarina123:

I have the exact same problem and maybe even worse, I have hundreds of customers and I can’t even open my to-do list. and the deadlines are a few hours away.

I also can’t access the mainsite of Fiverr for THREE DAYS now and Customer Support still didn’t reply to this problem and it has been 3 days now.

I’m getting extremely frustrated here!!!

PS: the only thing that seems to work a bit properly is this Forum :confused:

I have same problem homepage load normally but i cant log in but can access forum it seems like fiverr is maybe updating their site.

Been mostly down from here since last weekend. Opened a ticket yesterday, no response yet.

Sometimes I get a message that Fiverr is down but the CDN working.

Dudeson- I feel really sorry for you- how frustrating!

Kkblynx- using firefox- maybe I should try Chrome? And then if that doesn’t work will try facebook, etc. to contact Fiverr. Have only tried CS- no response.

I either get an error page (552, I believe) or the page keeps trying to download then just goes blank. I just feel lucky that I was EVENTUALLY able to download the orders I received today.

I wonder how many people are having this problem and if it’s just certain countries, or what. Yes, the only part that works reasonably well is this forum!


i had this problem for ages and it only affected my PC and firefox. I have now found the issue. If you remove all cookies it should work. Go to Tools>Options>privacy>clear individual cookies>type in “fiver” and delete all references to and try, worked for me and im no longer frustrated, although this is a site issue.

I have the male problem, I have gigs to finish and cant as website wont open properly on my Mac


thanks for your post

It is temporary will get resolved soon…