Still can't figure out forum notifications


Seriously, people. I can’t figure this out: somehow, I’m getting updates on everything that @Blaisefaint is posting in the forum:

Where is this coming from? I’ve gone through my forum settings and unchecked every possible thing I can imagine, and I’m still getting notifications every time @Blaisefaint so much as wipes his nose.


Yeah, @Blaisefaint - you seem like a nice person - but this is really impacting my ability to check in with the topics I really want to follow.


That’s interesting, as another poster had the same issue only yesterday. Muting the Evil Spammer Blaise seems to be a solution that works. It’s in the preferences section somewhere in the middle. It will only block notifications, so it won’t block you from reading him.

@blaisefaint, have you hacked the forums in a nefarious bid to conquer Fiverr via a new and original method of spamming? Inquiring minds demand to know!


Dear James:

I’ve been wiping back my tears, trying to come up with a way to answer your question.

What I suggest you do is click on your own image in this thread to pull up your Forum profile.

Choose preferences and scroll to the bottom of the page to add me to your muted users. You’ll note that you’ve already muted yourself.

I’ll go wipe away the rest of my tears now.


P.S. And as I was struggling to compose this message, along comes Emmaki to call me evil and what not.

Why me, Lord?


This is the post that incited this thread:

What else ya got, James?


I too get this. It’s when he links to a post of yours in something he posts. He has a standard list of posts he links to. I can’t find a way of turning off notifications of links. I went to the post to turn off notifications of everything else but still get the links.


It’s just the links in your help-me-mek-sels posts. There must be a way of turning off notifications from links. I just haven’t found it yet.


Dear Carol:

This is news to me.

I thought that I had fixed this a couple of weeks ago when I embedded all the links in URLs.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Please see the list above for how to turn me off.



Oh yes, that could be it.

You’re evil because you never share my delightfully informative posts, Blaise. Plus, we are at war, remember. It’s practically mandatory to call you evil in order to win the propaganda and fake news war!


It is mildly irritating but I don’t want to turn you off. So to speak. :slight_smile:


It worked for a bit and then it didn´t work anymore lol I haven´t muted you yet though. :wink:


Dear Emmaki:

Which of your posts would you like me to share?

I’d love to share your comprehensive report on Amazon sales.

Also, I surrendered to you days ago, don’t you remember?

(I wondered why you didn’t offer a critique to my Intangible lyric)…

So sorry,


Please just mute me, everybody.

Muting me just turns off those notifications.

It doesn’t mean you don’t get to see my posts.

Hey, Emmaki, here’s another bug for your list!


Ohhh… that’s what it is… well, I guess then I only have myself to blame for writing interesting and frequently-referenced material on the forum.

My bad, folks.


Dear James:

In re-reading your post about social media, I found that this post is missing:

Maybe you could revive the thread.

Thank you,


Hm, was that the erotica stuff? That may have actually been a helpful post :wink: Now, I must celebrate my complete and utter victory over the forces of darkness that were to consume us all. I could offer a critique of your lyric, but I’m not sure I saw it (or where it is…)


Dear Emmaki:

Yes, the erotica stuff.

I copied the text for my notes, but failed to copy the link.

I could repost the text here with your permission so you could use it to start your own post, to help build your rep in the Forum. (I’m helpful like that.)

I could also repost the Intangible lyric, but I’m wise that this was just a polite dodge, so I won’t push my luck.

Thank you,


It may have been assassinated during the forum migration. I’ve got an archived copy and will re/post it.



I DO have a solution for you.

De-link them and ask the users to copy paste the link instead and this is how you would present each link.

Use ‘Pre-formatted text’ [CTRL +SHIFT + C]

bOOM :boom: no more Alert spamming my friend!


Dear DJ:

Here’s a test:

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I can give you a better level of assistance if you first work your way through the checklist below. That way, I won’t waste your one turn by advising you to follow items on the checklist.
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Yes, now you have made a Jambalaya :stew: of links for the reader.

Just CTRL+SHIFT+C them to separate for easier extraction for COPY/PASTE


I don’t want to turn Blaise off, I want to turn other people on. Pretty much all the clever people are on this chat thread right now (except for the Wika lady - she’s fun too). How do I follow you guys like we’re all following Blaise?

How do you spell Wika?