Still could not get first order


hi friends my self munaf I have joined fiverr 3 month ago but the order has not yet arrived.
do you have any idea related to it…will you help me to give some tips.?


Hi , Sorry to hear but the fiverr is all about patience …are you using buyer requests ? what are you doing to promote your gigs ?.. it is the only way to get orders and make sure your gig title and it’s description is perfect to attract the customers…


check out this link … i hope it will help you to generate orders

Iam new on fiverr need buyers
Hello! I need some help please!

Hi. kaursurvin
I completely use my buyer request and daily share my gigs on social media site like facebook,twitter,google+ and sharing it on my fiverr friends group circle. after doing this all things no result is showing.


thank you…kaursurvin for the tips it will be very helpful for me.


Not only sharing works… ( to be honest i don’t use any social media and i promote my gigs very rare over there) I want you to ask about social media promotion tips from someone who has knowledge about it …

But for me it depends on how you use your buyer request , try to explain in your request that why you are able to do this job better than others and try to show your samples of work and bring those words to reality in that request so that they get convinced to buy your gigs and search the fiverr forum there are many tips for sellers posted by many experienced sellers than me which i think will really help you a lot



thank you so much kaursurvin for your best advise. it was really helpful for me and I hope it’s make me forward toward my career. God bless you and give you batter gift for your kind information.
thank you again.


You are most welcome !! All the best to you too.