Still Do not have get any order


I am a professional web developer .I will have 4 gigs with full improvement but not get any order please tell me 2 or 3 trick your experience am new on fiverr in september
this is my gigs and cheks then tell me what a wrong in my gigs …:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


please tell me any fault in my gigs please …:persevere::persevere:


Same here…
But we have to trying continue.
Orders are only for us. Without seller buyer could not able to do their assignment.
Don’t be upset/disappointed. Continue with patience…


thnku so muxh sir God bless you


I feel you bro :tired_face: I haven’t got my first order since a few months BUT I still kept a positive attitude and mindset :smiley:

I believe you will soon get your orders :smiley: I am praying for you bro :pray::slightly_smiling_face:



Firstly I tell you your gig marketing everyday…And everyday send Ten buyer request dont miss one day… And saw Ten day Then you do not nock of the client your All gig delect and open new gig and marketing and send buyer request… I think you will get ordee everyday if your gig once boosting


Don’t worry mate, I’m new seller too.
As a new seller, do not miss buyer request.
Tell them the truth about your skills, what you can do at your best, and try to match or even lower than their budget.
I had an order at day 1 via buyer request.
I told them what I can do for them, gave an extra ideas to their project, and so on.
Don’t lose your hope, cheers!