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Still don’t get order

I am a motion designer. I have made this account a few months back but still don’t get order please help me with how to get the order on Fiverr.

please check my profile link and help me with how to get the order.

In these days, everyone facing problem to get order,
First cause the current situation (COVID) and second there is a bug in system and Fiverr are working on it to fix it,

Thank you for your reply. I thought my gig not suitable for Fiverr.

First, it is not true that everyone face problems to get orders.

Second, for sure COVID is also opportunity for some categories.

Third, bug or whatever it is called is not most likely reason of not getting the order.

Your categories are very crowded so you must bring something new and exceptional on table.

See your competition:
Logo Design - 136.000 gigs
3D Modelling & Rendering - 7.000 gigs
Social Media Design - 27.000 gigs
Visual Effects - 2.000 gigs


@blavaro what kind of gig you think I can post?

Some that you are best in. :crossed_fingers:

@blavaro unfortunately I only know motion graphic and graphic design. thank you for your kind advice. I try my best.