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Still Facing problem that my gig rank still the same

Hi all,
when i search my gig, i found my gig in 2nd pages using ONLINE filter as well as without filter. I am facing this problem around 20 days when my gig exist in 1st page i got an buyer message but for 20 days i did not get any response from buyer. is there any reason behind that? I need some suggestions from my experienced friends.




Position is not permanent.

Fiverr rotates Gigs from pages to other pages regularly to give all Sellers exposure.

What you are experiencing is common.

Don’t worry about it.


As I am seeing I am facing the same issue:(
but as @looseink said the gig rotation is a common thing…
As for me I am trying to be active and trying to send proper buyer and hoping that with new orders in next rotation the gig status will improve…

you can read this topic that will help you regarding this:)


The problem is not in Gig Ranking or any of these other myths, it is quite simply that you have not managed to connect with the people who want to buy your Gig.

This is generally either (or both):

  • the right people have not found you yet - give it time and
  • your gig doesn’t appeal clearly enough to anyone, let alone people who would want this thing - give it some care

Either way, stop searching for your Gig, it is worse than a waste of time. You need to realize that your Gig is not about you, it has to be about the needs of the specific people you want to serve. If you are not sure who they are, that is a better use of your time.

I note that when I ask people that specific Q: Who are the people you seek to serve, there is never an answer. I am betting I can get one from Mr Ink…

@looseink: Who are the people you seek to serve? _________________



@benedictrm …as requested!

I seek to serve web entrepreneurs who are too busy to, or would otherwise prefer not to, write their own web content be it blogs, articles or other written content.


Boo ya!

Didn’t take him long at all. Less than three mins to gave that answer. Most of that time was probably in finding and reading my post.

My point here is that Mr Ink knows clearly in his mind who he needs to appeal to and serve. that makes his targeting of these very people much easier. he doesn’t need to write Gig copy that might appeal to housewives looking for purple poetry for the pool boy or gamer geeks looking to wittily word up their opponent. Straight to: web entrepreneurs who are too busy to, or would otherwise prefer not to, write their own web content.

Me: I seek to serve musicians looking for a Mix that brings out the beauty & story of their music or song. (note this does not immediately mean blammin’ overloud mixes as there is no beauty or story left by that point therefore I don’t actively chase EDM or the like).

So, OP, Who do you seek to serve?
(the Q is open to anyone reading this, esp if you are struggling to get sales).



I’ll play. I also could answer this question in under a minute.

I seek to serve authors who understand the value of a fresh set of eyes over their writing to pick up errors in their manuscripts.


Fiver do rotate gigs on a regular basis, you just need to do your regular activities, Gig optimization and marketing. Your gig will rank again.

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active on fiverr regular your gig rank will come soon

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