Still fiverr algorithm test under process


Still fiverr algorithm under process , from may to June i did not get any offer , when it would be normal . any idea friends .


Me too, Chinese translator, level two, 1600++ reviews, mumber since 2011, no enquiry, no orders, nothing, happened two weeks ago, I guess there are bugs on the system of fiverr.


Me too. My revenue stream is bone dry and I’m hurting. Level 2 Seller


Your main gig has 6 orders in queue.


That is a system bug, in fact, nothing on my task list:frowning:



It was always normal or you can say that is always abnormal - :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
site is not yours, so they can do anything anytime for any reason :smile: :wink: don’t have choice rather than accept it :blush:


Not getting any more new messages from buyers for a week as it would always 1-5 messages per day for me


The testing of new algorithm is New Algorithm.
Those who are on top are happy, those who are not on (visible) top are unhappy.
People_on top think that Algorithm is good, people_not on top think that Algorithm is not good.



I’m not too sure about that, but it also says you have been delivering orders and getting reviews. The most recent is 2 days ago.


Same here Before they update algorithm i have a 50-60 orders per month


Well, in the past 3 weeks, one of my gigs went from total obscurity to first page, even first line on occasion. There are obviously tonnes of other sellers who have had the same thing happen - to replace all the multitudes who have fallen. That gig has done very well, made me and Fiverrr a lot of money, got all 5 star reviews and repeat clients.
Now, if there is some change made where I go back into obscurity, should I accept that? Should all the others who have had a boost accept it?
Or should I moan on the forum about how I want MY position back?

In case you haven’t noticed, I find the posts about “no sales” irritating. Having been on Fiverr for 18 months or so, this is the first period I have had where one of my gigs was particularly high for a broad keyword. Did I moan about it? Did I blame Fiverr for not boosting my gig ahead of all the others? NO, not once did I do that. I made my own “success” here, I worked hard at getting orders, building relationships, developing a reputation as well as the basic of working hard on the orders I did get so my buyers stayed with me and repeatedly buy from me.

I applied a huge amount of effort, experimentation, new approaches, A/B testing etc (many of which I also took the time to post about here on the forum so others could use them) and I reaped the rewards.

If I wake up tomorrow and my gigs have disappeared down the search rankings again, will I moan about it? No, I will simply continue to work as hard and harder than I always have. This is the world of business - if you had a free ride for a while then you should be thankful for it but if it has come to an end you need to assess what you are doing as well as kick yourself for becoming complacent and relying so heavily on a site that can change anything it wants, when it wants. That is never a good idea.


Agreed with @eoinfinnegan we should stay calm and watch the magic of fiverr…as overall theu are just doing for beeterment of the whole platfrom…


Wood? :astonished:[quote=“zmari_chamba, post:13, topic:152555”]
beeterment of the whole platfrom…

,Betterment :frowning: ,


One thing I do know is that, Fiverr cannot do anything that will harm sale. I guess we all know why.

So, even though I rarely get orders these days, I still believe in the system.

So, I am just gonna chill and wait for a better day.