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Still Get No Order on Fiverr

I am using fiverr from about 1 month but i have not succeed to get my order.
I can do Photoshop editing, SEO and Digital Marketing

be patient! but trying buyer requests always is a good option for new sellers :slight_smile:


I agree with brenna’s suggestion!
I recommend getting on a social media platform and spreading the word in other places your audience will be searching for.

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What are you doing to stand out from the thousands of other Fiverr sellers that offer those same exact services? Perhaps you need to ask yourself, “why would someone hire you for those services, and not one of thousands of other sellers?”

Once you can figure out an answer to those questions, then you’ll be on your way to earning more orders. Until then, though, you are, alas, just another seller in the rapidly growing crowd of sellers who, like all of us, want to be successful doing what we do. You need to stand out if you want to have your best shot at success.