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Still getting no order from the first page

my gig is on the first page for more than a week. but i am not still getting any sms or any order from anyone. i am trying to do active as much as i can. what should i do at this time. is there anything to do now. please help me.

Don’t update your gig if your gig is ranked on first page. otherwise your gig ranking will damage badly. Just send buyer requests and wait for the order.

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Being on the first page doesn’t guarantee you an order especially when you are a new seller. Imagine being on the first page with zero reviews and a mediocre gig description (not saying yours is) and the person right on top of you has 250 reviews, a 5 star rating, and a well polished gig description. In a case like that it’ll be very hard to compete.

I myself been on the 3rd page for the longest time and get a decent amount of orders a month. However I just checked my gig and it was on the first page, first row. I don’t expect more orders though, I expect stiffer competition.


There is no guarantee, you will get orders even if you are in the first page. Orders completely depend on client & it’s demand.

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so is there anything to do now or it remains on that page always

send at least 10 buyer requests everyday

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Your focus should be on making your gig look eye catching and making sure your gig description is clear and free of errors. Only then will you attract potential clients. Your eye catching gig will first draw them in, then your clear description convinces them to make the purchase.

=> Make an attractive gig thumbnail image that will attract clients to buy your gig.

=> Always try to login Fiverr apps or PC so that buyers can easily find who is online now and it will increase the chances to get a sale.

=> And Finally send buyer request daily with an excellent cover letter.

:heartpulse: Your willpower and hard work will bring you success. I hope you success this method in fiverr marketplace. All the best. :heartbeat:

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thank you so much for your tips

Have you checked your gig ranking on their subcategory or by searching targeted keyword?

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I checked the sub category.


by searching targeted keyword

how please tell me details

You can active regular on fiverr. and share your gigs in social media.