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Still gig rank falling

I don’t know why my gig falling down day by day. It have been 20 days, I get no order. Even 20 days ago, my gig was top as always. But without any reason, my gig are falling down day by day. I don’t know what is the problem. Hope you will send me suggestion. Here is my gig link please click and love:
Thank you


promote your gig on web2.0 and forum posting site

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what is the process? Would you explain.

I also want to know about gig promote process.

Me too, because “stay on line” that all the world say dident work… dont increase nothing, not impression not click, nothing… @midulgihad @saifur_1717 @sujondeb421

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How ?¿ can you explain ?? please ? do you mena have an own web site ? @sujondeb421