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Still haven't been promoted to level 1

It’s been more than 30 days, I have 100 positive review rating, have completed 37 orders, and for some reason I still have not been promoted to level 1 rating. I have infact cancelled 2 orders because the buyers did not follow my instructions so I could finish the gig. If I am really being held back from being promoted because of customers that can’t follow directions, then that is just outrageous. How could that be the sellers fault? I need to have the extras so I can perform services that a lot of the buyers want. I have actually lost a number of customers because I can’t do what they want for only 5 dollars. It would be easier on me and the buyers if I had these extras. I could potentially lose good review ratings this way.

Its not an exact amount or or automatic thing. Give it a few more days. If not by then , contact support.