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Still haven't been updraded to level 1?

It has been over a month since I have joined Fiverr and I have completed 10 sales. But my account hasn’t been upgraded to Level 1.

Although 10 sales have been done, I have received only 4 ratings. But they are all 100% positive ratings

Oh, also, can buyers still rate the orders if I have suspended the gigs to which I have got the orders?

Looks to me that you just weren’t very patient, because I see a level 1 badge on your profile~

Reply to @celticmoon: Been a while since I’ve seen a post on the forum that just makes me smile :slight_smile:

Reply to @liquidlettuce: I’m usually being criticized, so…thanks! I needed that!

Reply to @celticmoon: Haha, yes I guess I was… They promoted me about 2 days after. But, I was wondering how much fiverr would charge as fees if someone orders a gig with extras? Say if someone orders a $5 gig with one $20 extra (only 1 out of 3), how much would I receive? Would they still charge 20% ?