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Still I don't get any order! Why?

please anyone tell me, Why I don’t get any order?
My gig link ;


Be activated and sent buyer request

Two things caught my attention.

  1. Language - I get that you’re not English-native, and that’s okay, but people will not trust you with their money if they are not sure you can understand them. Get your grammar in order.
  2. You have a bold promise but without a tangible result or process. Your offer seems a bit “inflated”, meaning people don’t believe that they will get as much as you promise.

Instead of “Fast organic Instagram growth” try “I will follow _____ (the number) accounts, and likely, some of them will follow you back”. This way you clarify what you do, what your client gets, and why it’s valuable for them.


thank you so much for your important information

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It’s a pleasure to help :slight_smile:

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active online ,send buyer request and share social media.

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Thank you so much for your advice

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